Active Ingredients

We carefully select the most important ingredients for our cosmetic products. These ingredients are clinically proven and determine the effect of the cosmetic product.


Ectoin is a 100% natural multi-functional substance produced by extremophilic microorganisms which live in the Dead Sea. Ectoin was discovered in a salt lake in Wadi El Natrun in the Egyptian desert. The substance is produced through a biotechnological fermentation process which involves the bacteria Halomonas elongata.


  • Anti-blue-light – protects the skin from blue light. Smartphones, computers, TVs and other devices emit blue light, a type of radiation that causes photoaging of the skin. This active substance protects the skin from this type of radiation.

The following products contain this substance: Hydratačné pleťové sérum, Hydratačný pleťový krém, Hydratačná maska, Rozjasňujúci pleťový krém



Italine G

Coming from Italy, this complex substance is active against the appearance of cellulite and has a slimming effect thanks to a synergy of natural oil produced from roasted coffee beans and an extract from Vitis vinifera grapes.


  • Increased collagen production and skin elasticity

The following products contain this substance: Protivráskový krém na krk a dekolt

PhytoCellTec™ Goji

Based on plant cell culture, this ingredient is produced biotechnologically from Chinese gooseberry (goji), which comes from South-eastern Europe and Asia.

  • V-shaped face
  • Anti-aging

The following products contain this substance: Pleťový elixír s kmeňovými bunkami, Očný krém s kmeňovými bunkami

In addition to natural ingredients, our products contain up to 22 active and clinically proven substances.

MossCellTec™ No.1

Physcomitrella patens moss grows on the banks of rivers and ponds on muddy and clayey soils in Europe, Asia and North America. Because it grows in symbiosis with other plants, it can be produced biotechnologically in a sustainable production process using bioreactors to maintain a clean moss culture.


  • Reduces effects of aging
  • Cell nucleus protection

You can find it in the following products: Pleťový elixír s kmeňovými bunkami, Očný krém s kmeňovými bunkami, Rozjasňujúci pleťový krém


Produced from Rhodella violacea, a red microalga, Rhodella is grown in photobioreactors where it is repeatedly exposed to strong oxidative stress. Hydrogen peroxide is used to stimulate intracellular protection, causing cells to react to form a protective exopolysaccharide.


  • Detoxification

The following products contain this substance: Detoxikačná pleťová maska, Hydratačné telové mlieko

EPS White

This revolutionary molecule is the first marine exopolysaccharide that protects the skin from inflammation and melanin synthesis (caused by UV radiation, external pollution and female hormonal changes). A great solution to prevent and remove pigment spots that have already formed. Clinical studies prove that after two months of treatment, the number of pigment spots can be reduced by up to 96% (used twice a day).


  • Reduces pigment spots – depigmentation
  • Effective against pollution

The following products contain this substance: Depigmenting Skin Serum

PhytoSolve 8034 with vitamin A

PhytoSolve technology enhances the penetration of lipophilic active substances, in this case, vitamin A, which improves the appearance of dry and damaged skin, restores elasticity and prevents peeling. Revitalization – regeneration and renewal of the skin, slowing down the aging process.


  • Revitalizing

The following products contain this substance: Make-up Remover, Micellar Water, Moisturizing Face Serum, Moisturizing Face Cream, Moisturizing Mask

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